About Us

Located in Ningbo, a beautiful port city in South East China, Golden Door Technology has specialized in  providing door solutions to pharmaceutical, hospitals, nuclear industries and refrigeration industries since 2009. We have nearly ten years experience in designing and manufacturing different types of doors for pharmaceuticals, biosafety laboratories, operation rooms, X-ray rooms, CT rooms, PET/CT rooms, MRI rooms, clean rooms, cold rooms and nuclear applications.



Before a project starting, our team is available in help you selecting appropriate doors as per different applications. We design, manufacture and install our doors for you. We provide a whole life after sales service for our doors.

In the past decade, thousands of our doors have been installed in different projects all over the world and they have been well accepted by the market. We have long-term business partners in Australia, Middle Africa, South Africa, Middle East and South Asia. More and more companies have established long business relationship with us due to our reliable products and services.





Golden Door not only provides doors, but also source other related stuff for our clients as a value added one-stop service. Thanks to our long term business partners, we have more and more souring experience and help our clients with more valuable service.

Golden Door Team will be always here to provide good door solutions and related stuff to your projects. 

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